Nora Roman and the Border Busters - Just Reuse

from by Anti-GMO Mixtape

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Just Reuse from the Album "I Belong to No Man's State" by Nora Roman and the Border Busters.


Species extinction, Resource depletion
Disappearing ozone, Satellites for cell phones
TV towers and microwaves, Mine tunnels in our deepest caves

We Each Make A Difference
By What We Do
Think Before You Buy
And Just Reuse

Haz Una Diferencia
Con Tu Accion
Reusar, No Comprar
Es Una Solucion

فكر مليح في عمالك خمم قبل ما تشري و تبيع
Feker mlih fi aamalek
khemem kbel ma techri we tbii.

Mountaintop removal, GMO approval
Cutting down whole forests - no oxygen tomorrow
Poison from our smokestacks, melting polar ice caps
All 3 language COROS
Alternating coros (E,S,A) with lines
-No pesticides in our gardens, no poisons in our homes S
-No gas guzzlers in our driveways, no credit card debt, no loans A
-All those ocean oil drills, and now we’re covered in oil spills E
-Ugly smelly factory farms, spending all our money on arms S
-No latest gadget beeping for its charge, we grow vegetables in our yard A
-Military bases everywhere, pollutants in our bones and hair E
-Feeding us industrial food, take a pill to lift your mood S
-Islands of plastic, fish caught out-rivers dried up, floods & draught A
-Imaginary borders cross our land, migrants die of thirst in the sand. E
-Natives stuck on a reservation, more prisoners here than any other nation S
-Distract yourself with a stupid ball game, hunger and suffering stay the same A


from Anti​-​GMO Mixtape, released July 29, 2014
Camilo Landau: Guitar, Bass-Ayla Davila, Timbales-David M. Flores, Conga-Suki (Sue Kaye), Darbukke-Karim Amrani, Oboe-Markos Major, Violin-Younes Makhboul, Lead Vocals-Nora Roman, Qarqaba-Tim Abdellah Fuson, Nora Roman, Coros: Nora, Camilo, Tim, Karim, Johnny “El Guajiro” Escobedo



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Anti-GMO Mixtape

Inspired by Michael Hurley's compilation of songs that are anti-GMO, we are making our own compilation of songs. We will donate to Planting Justice.

"There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak every loss, contains it's own seed, it's own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time." -Malcolm X
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